Supercharge your community with Pro.

Maximize your Discord server's engagement with Streamcord's rich toolset.

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  • Add all your favorite streamers.

    Get up to 250 streamer slots to stay up-to-date with all your friends, teammates, and favorite streamers.
  • Filter by game and title.

    Restrict when Streamcord sends a notification based on the game being played or a keyword in the stream's title. Learn more
  • Automatically clean up when the stream ends.

    With Stream Cleanup, Streamcord can send another message, or edit or delete its existing message when the stream ends. Optionally get a summary of the stream with a link to the VOD at the end.
  • Custom bot name and icon.

    Use a custom webhook to give Streamcord's notification messages their own username and profile picture that fit your server's vibe.
  • Automatically crosspost notification messages.

    Keep servers that follow your channel up-to-date. Streamcord can automatically publish its messages when you set up your notifications in an announcement channel.

With Schedules, you can easily sync your Twitch stream schedule to your Discord server. That way, your community will always know when you're going live and can tune in to support you.

Streamcord's Schedules feature automatically creates events in your Discord server, complete with custom titles and descriptions, and a link to your Twitch channel. These events will allow your community to receive notifications and stay up-to-date on your streaming schedule.

View Schedules setup guide

  • More Live Role features.

    Add up to 5 Live Role configurations in your server. Prevent certain members from receiving the live role with the filter blacklist mode.
  • human-greeting-variant

    Priority support.

    Get help in our Discord server through a premium channel or private ticket.
  • Early feature access.

    Be the first to know about and test new features when they're ready.
  • Ad-free dashboard.

    Enjoy a more peaceful dashboard experience without advertisements.
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Always free

$0/month Add to Discord

Twitch Notifications

Streamers included per server
Custom message & embed color
Filter rules per notification
Up to 5
Custom thumbnail
Custom bot name and avatar (via webhook)
Stream Cleanup  (Stream end messages)
Show VOD info on stream end
Notification cooldowns

YouTube Notifications (Alpha)

Early alpha access
Via application
Streamers included per server1

Live Role

Live Role configurations per server
Filter roles
Whitelist only
Whitelist and blacklist


Access to Schedules


Ad-free dashboard

Extra stuff

Priority support
Pro role in support server
Early feature access2
  1. This number is subject to increase during/after beta testing.
  2. New features are released to Pro subscribers before everyone else. You can find a list of testing opportunities in the #pro-info channel in our Discord server.

Boost your community's potential

Get the most out of your server with more notification slots and extra Live Role features.