Frequently Asked Questions

Arrow Right icon What is Streamcord?

Streamcord is a bot (a type of extension) for Discord designed for Twitch streamers and their communities.

Arrow Right icon What does Streamcord do?

Streamcord provides automatic notification messages for your community, automatically adds and removes a special role for streamers, and provides information about Twitch streamers. You can find more on our documentation site.

Arrow Right icon How do I get a Twitch bot for Discord?

You can invite Streamcord to your server using this invite link.

Arrow Right icon How do I automatically let people in Discord know when I go live on Twitch?

You can set up a stream notification with Streamcord to let everyone in your server know when you go live.

Arrow Right icon How do I use Streamcord?

You can set up Streamcord for your server from our online dashboard.

Arrow Right icon How do I get help with Streamcord?

Our documentation site contains several helpful resources. You can also join our official Discord server to get help from a support representative.